amazing learning

Have you ever sat through a boring training and thought it was not worth the effort to organize?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

The average Net Promoter Score for corporate training is around -25.

As an alternative we build online learning games that are just as entertaining as the titles you play for fun. Most of them are multiplayer so they are a great fit for teams.

Our alternative

learning should be as attractive as playing games, so we aim to make it:

Easy to buy
add-to-cart model
quality education doesn’t have to cost a fortune
people are capable of learning & having fun at the same time
we want to bring people together

What we actually do

Game-based learning

People have fun with games and learn from them all the time.

We produce titles you would play for fun an integreate learning content into the experience seemlessly.

Team events

A cool way for remote teams to connect or to just save civilizations, be heroes and build greatness on weekends.

Custom games

If you have something really specific in mind, like dwarves on firetrucks soothing acid-breathing dragons, maybe we can help.

You can also use our games as white-label solutions.

Learning through play

Self-directed or facilitated sessions

We firmly believe that people can learn alone.

If, however, they feel they want to discuss blind-spots or have outside input, our partners are ready to lend a hand.

The sciency bits

Besides epic fun we also take learning seriously.¬† Our instructional design process is guided by Kolb’s experiential learning theory, Bandura’s social learning theory.


Internet science, articles written by Karen and other such sources do not sit well with us.

You can expect to find well-researched, serious content built into our experiences.

Blended learning

Our games can be standalone learning products or integrated into larger learning initiatives.

Train the trainers

You have trainers? Great!

We have quality tools to give them and are always happy to “show them around the shop”.

Win with us

  • Not school, the thing you did after, for fun.
  • Have a blast with mates and chat about why you do the things you do the way you do them.
  • People draw their own conclusions and need no convinging about “truths”.
  • In games we are our true selves so learning becomes real.
  • No hassle, add to cart and play.
  • Play whenever you like, from any place.
  • We actively seek to united people with shared interests.
  • You can compete, collaborate, share with anyone, anywhere.

Need a human?

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